Hungary Wood pellet Premuim 15KG

Hungary Wood pellet Excellent 15KG

Hungary Wood pellet Royal 15KG

Product Quality

Our company trades in the highest quality of Wood Pellets. A purpose built facility has been constructed to ensure proper storage and Logistics is carried out. Our facility and wood pellets have won the DIN plus & EN Plus A1 quality certification and are one of the leaders in wood pellets fuel in Hungary.

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best heating pellets Worldwide. We work hard to insure that our product quality is second to none. If you have questions about our pellets, our Ware House, or our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


In order to Trade consistently high quality pellets, a pellet ware house &  must be run by experienced operators running premium quality services in a clean and safe environment. Our company manager has over 2 years of experience trading pellets and our Company is considered the cleanest and most efficient.

About Us

Hungary Wood pellets a trading company is dedicated to providing top quality bio fuels in the form of wood pellets. All our wood pellets are produced from Manufacturer sourced wood supplies.

To have the best quality of pellets and the best logistic solution for every client, we work together with several small and medium pellet factories across Hungary. This warrants you the optimal logistic solution and the 100% availability of pellets during the year


  • High Quality Products 100% 100%
  • Efficiency 99% 99%
  • Customer Service 98% 98%
  • Warehouse Stocks 81% 81%
Quality guarantee
The quality of pellets responsible to EU standard DIN PLUS & EN PLUS A1. The standard also address transportation and storage of pellets for end users. Hungary wood pellets owns the entire production and logistics (supply) system.
Certainity of stock


wood  pellets in Hungary is available in sufficient quantity all round the year. Every year, Wood pellets can be rightly be regarded as a sustainable source of energy. Domestic producers of pellets and marketing network form the security of supply.

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Our prices differ in how the client wants the mixture of wood pellets to be done.We have wood pelets made of Pine and spruce and we differenciate the the packaging logistics using some qualities “Premuim Execellent & Royal” This all come with Different prices.

What Our Clients Say “

“It has always been a pleasure in dealing with Hungary. They are keenly priced, trustworthy and the quality of the products has always been excellent. What has impressed us most, is their customer service. They go out of their way to arrange our deliveries to meet our restrictions on the load size and delivery method.”

We wouldn’t use anybody else. Many Thanks’

Reynold Wilston


“Mit Holzpellets Ungarn etwa 2 Jahre “Wir begannen vor, nach mehreren verschiedenen lokalen Anbietern zu versuchen. Wir Kraftstoff neue Holzpellet waren, die hat, die die Umwandlung einer Scheune vor kurzem abgeschlossen wurde. Wir hatten schnell herausgefunden , dass die Eigenschaften von Pellets variiert weit von Anbieter und zugleich könnte man billiger Pellets, Qualität, Geschwindigkeit der Verbrennung, des Heizwertes und Clinker alle Fragen der Kosten und Leistung wurde schnell ‘kaufen ”


“Abbiamo cambiato da un altro fornitore pellet qualche tempo fa a causa dei prezzi competitivi offerti da HWP. Siamo stati molto soddisfatti del servizio, il prezzo e la qualità del pellet fino ad ora. cliente Sevice risponde prontamente gli ordini e sempre disponibile adattandosi alle singole circostanze.”
Mario Cristoforo


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